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The 3 Missionary Journeys of the Apostle Paul

New Testament records the apostle Paul taking three missionary journeys that spread the gospel to Asia Minor and Europe. Paul, formally known as a leading Jew named Saul, was a well educated man living in Jerusalem. Just after Christ’s death and resurrection, he did his best to destroy the Christian church, even participating in the […]

Get Baptized in the Jordan River where Jesus was baptized

The baptismal site, commonly known as the “Yardenit” or “Bethany Beyond Jordan” on the Jordan River is an experience of the Holy Land you will not want to miss. Many tourists will not only visit, but also choose to be baptized in the same place where John baptized Jesus Christ. This site of the Jordan […]

Top 4 Cities to Visit in Israel for Biblical Tours

Take a tour through the ancient cities of Israel and lay your eyes upon the landscapes of old as lived by Jesus and many other religious figures. Take in inner city architecture and imagine common day living of times past as you experience a journey through cities of the Bible. A guided tour with a […]

Tour of Israel

We returned yesterday and absolutely enjoyed everything about our trip with Friendship Tours in Israel. We felt safer there than we do most days in the U.S. Do not let media reports keep you from going to see for yourself the very places the Lord Jesus Christ lived and ministered. The historical information given by […]