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Your initials below indicates acknowledgement of charges described hereon. Payment in full to be made when billed or in extended payments in accordance with standard policy of company issuing credit card. By signing this form I further state that I have personally read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS that appear in my custom brochure for this tour and agree to each of them. I hereby warrant that I fully understand each of them, specifically that should I cancel my trip for any reason, I will be charged the cancellation fees as stated under “Cancellations and Refund” terms that are listed in my custom brochure for my trip.

    RESERVATIONS: A NON-Refundable deposit of $300 per person is required to make a reservation. Balance due ninety days prior to departure. All returned checks are subject to a $50 charge, no exceptions. Late fee of $ 100 per person will be charged for any final payments received inside ninety days. Space will be automatically canceled at 75 days prior to departure without any refund.

CANCELLATIONS: All cancellations must be in writing. Special airline note for all passengers. Any cancellations received 91 days or earlier prior to departure will incur an additional $100 cancellation charge over and above the charges stipulated under the normal cancellations for this tour. For individual cancellations received up to:
91 days prior to departure an administrative fee of $300 will be charged; 90-60 days prior to departure a $350 fee will be charged; 59-46 days prior to departure a $550 fee will be charged; 45-31 days before departure are subject to a charge of 40% of the total tour cost; 30-0 days before departure are subject to a charge of 100% of the total tour cost.

INSURANCE NOTE: We strongly recommend that passengers purchase comprehensive insurance that includes coverage for Trip Cancellation or Interruption, Medical Expense and Baggage. An optional travel insurance plan is available to Friendship Tours Participants. Information about this plan is included with the reservation form.

SPECIAL NOTE: All insurance payments must be made to Allianz Insurance Plan. The insurance plan is not in force until payment is received by Allianz Insurance Co. Your group leader will have the insurance information or you may sign up online.

Any change in the basic program will result in a charge of $150 per change per person plus any additional charges that may apply for revised air or land arrangements.

VALIDITY: Tour rates are based on tariffs, airfares and rates of exchange at the time of pricing the tour and are subject to change. Airfares, airport taxes and Airline Fuel Surcharges are subject to increase.

RESPONSIBILITY: Friendship Tours, and their agents act only in the capacity of agents for the passengers in all matters pertaining to hotel accommodations, sightseeing, tours and transportation, whether by air, railroad, motorcoach, steamship, boat or other means and, as such, hold themselves free of responsibility for any damage(s) from any cause(s) whatsoever. The tour operator will not be responsible for any damage, expense or inconvenience caused by late air, rail or boat arrivals or departures or by any change of schedules or other conditions; nor will they be responsible for the loss of, or damage to baggage or any article belonging to the passenger. The right is also reserved to decline to accept or retain any person traveling under our auspices. The carriers concerned are not to be held responsible for any act, omission or event during the time passengers are not on board their plane or conveyance. The passenger contract used by the carriers concerned, when issued, shall constitute the sole contract between the carriers and the purchasers of this tour and/or the passengers. “This brochure is issued on the sole responsibility of the Tour Operator. It is not issued on behalf and does not commit the airline mentioned therein or any airline whose services are used in the course of the tour.” The Tour Operator and their agents and suppliers reserve the right to change the sequence of the itinerary to re-route, substitute or change certain site visits according to local conditions at the time of our stay. CST # 2069059-40 / Printed 1/11/08
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