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Friendship Tours - Migdal-birthplace-of-mary-magdalene

Archaeologists Find A Second Synagogue In The Hometown Of Mary Magdalene

In the ancient Jewish community of Migdal, also known as the birthplace of Mary Magdalene, archaeologists discover the ruins of a 2,000-year-old synagogue found just within the vicinity of another synagogue known as Magdala. This is the first time two synagogues dating back to the Second Temple period have been discovered in a single community. […]

Friendship Tours - passover-and-easter

Celebrating Easter And The Jewish Passover Connection

Spring is a time when everything in nature starts to bloom, the birds start singing outside of your window and the promise of warmer weather is just around the bend but it is also a time of celebrating the most important aspects of our Christian and Jewish faith. What Is The Significance Of Easter Easter […]

Friendship Tours - group-tour-vs-individual

7 Benefits Of Group Travel Over Individual Travel

There are lots of ways to travel and many places to travel to but if you haven’t traveled on a group tour some would say you’re missing out. Here are 7 benefits of group travel over individual travel. The Benefits Of Group Travel Over Individual Travel 1. You’re Never Alone For some, the idea of […]

Friendship Tours - pastors-trip-to-israel

Walking on Biblical Grounds Strengthened This Pastors Faith and Confirmed the Realness of Who Jesus Is

Pastor Andrew has been able to take many tours to Israel of which seven have been with Friendship Tours. In his earlier years, Pastor Andrew was able to travel to Israel with a group of students and school facility members in 2009. This particular trip deepened his understanding of scripture by providing visual realities of […]

Friendship Tours - The-Dangers-of-Using-an-Overseas-Travel-Company

The Dangers of Using an Overseas Travel Company

How often have you heard friends and colleagues share details of their “vacation from hell?” Travel agent flight scams with fake tickets, tickets with completely different schedules with very long layovers. Tour company “bait and switch” tactics with completely different hotels, sightseeing programs, and inferior bus transportation from what was originally promised. Payment scams – […]

Friendship Tours - pastor-tour-of-israel

Reinvigorate Your Bible Reading And Preaching With A Pastors Bible Tour Of Israel

Imagine being able to experience places of the Bible while on a tour of Israel with your church family where you can tangibly witness everything you’ve learned through your studies of God’s word. On a January tour in 2022 we will take you along a variety of sites like that of the first miracle in […]

Friendship Tours - Jerusalem-Shavuot

Visit The Site Of The Pentecost

In case you didn’t know, last Sunday was Pentecost. Also known as the Shavuot, the Pentecost is a celebration of which many gather to celebrate and reflect in Israel. If you’re ever planning to visit Israel during the spring season, the Pentecost or Shavuot festivities will be something you will want to learn about and […]

Friendship Tours - Shavuot-Celebrated-In-Israel

How Is Shavuot Celebrated In Israel?

Shavuot is a holiday celebrated in Israel that commemorates when the Israelites received the Torah during their desert wandering almost 3400 years ago. The word Shavuot means ‘Festival of Weeks’ but it is also known as First Harvest Festival, Day of the First Fruits, Z’man Matan Torah and the Season of Giving of the Torah. […]

Friendship Tours - Tips-For-Doing-A-Family-Bible-Study-From-Home

Tips For Doing A Family Bible Study From Home

Now that almost everyone is home with their families because of Covid-19, many are taking the time to be intentional with their relationships. Outside of taking care of the daily responsibilities of work and online schooling, families are spending more quality time with their loved ones. One way of doing this is gathering together as […]

Friendship Tours - What-Does-Easter-Look-Like-In-Israel

What Does Easter Look Like In Israel?

For Christians, Easter is a time of celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ which brought freedom from sin and death. There are many traditions and celebrations around this holiday; one that reflects on Christ as the Savior of all mankind. In Israel, however, this celebratory week in springtime is considered a Holy week for the […]