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An In Depth Tour of the Holy Land

An in depth tour of the Holy Land will take you to places like Jerusalem, Bethlehem, the Sea of Galilee and the Jordan River. There is so much history to tell, which is why Christians often seek to pilgrimage these areas. Enjoy the time spent and take in every facet these significant biblical landmarks. Tour […]

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The Apostle Paul’s Mission To Thessalonica

Thessalonica or Thessaloniki, was founded by Macedons King Cassander and is named after Alexander the Great’s half sister, Thessalonike. In 168 B.C. it became a city of the Roman Republic and a critical trading hub for the Roman Empire. Over time it eventually became the capital city of the Roman district it was located in; […]

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Historical Landmarks of Athens Greece You Must See

There is no doubt that there is much to see when visiting Greece. Whether your there to take in the beauty of its natural surroundings or looking to discover ancient historical structures and monuments, Greece will not leave you disappointed. Some of the most magnificent and picturesque views and sights are located in Greece. Here […]

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Things To Do On A Christian Tour of Santorini

Santorini, Greece is one of the Cyclades islands located in the Aegean Sea. In the16th century it was devastated by a volcanic eruption producing a very rugged landscape. It’s two chief towns are Fira and Oia which can be seen overlooking the sea as they cling to cliff sides that sit above an underwater crater […]

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Popular Attractions of Corinth, the Beloved City of Paul

The ancient city of Corinth was well known as a place of trade as its location, in the center of the Greek Islands, was surrounded by rich soils, natural water sources and harbored two major ports (Lechaeum to the north and Cenchreae to the east); dominating trade in the Corinthian and Saronic Gulf. When Paul […]

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Patmos- Home of the Apocalypse and Why You Should Visit

Patmos is a small island that sits most northern of Greece’s Dodecanese islands. A significant Christian pilgrimage site, this island is where John of Patmos (St. John the Theologian) is said to have written the Book of Revelations and received a vision of the Apocalypse. Located on the island is a 11th-century monastery that overlooks […]

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What To Expect From a Christian Greek Island Cruise

If there is one thing that everyone can expect from a Greek Island Cruise, it would be their crystal clear blue-green waters. Tons of pictures flood our social media sites with picturesque Greek Island destinations. Cruising the Greek Islands with a Christian tour company adds even more to the experience for believers.  Whether it’s the […]

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The Christian Heritage of Italy-The Biblical Sites of Italy

Imagine visiting a world that wasn’t your own. Traveling back in time to experience what those before you experienced. There is so much to discover when we step back in time to explore where everything first began. Here we will look at: The Christian Heritage of Italy In The Beginning Where Italy Is Today 6 […]

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15 Travel Tips When Your Planning A Trip To Israel

Planning a trip to Israel? Do you have questions about local laws, social norms, or safety concerns? It’s always a good idea to be aware of what to expect and what you should plan for when planning a trip. Traveling tips can make a big difference in your traveling experience. From getting baptized in the […]

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Walking in the Footsteps of Moses

The Journey of Moses, the Prince of Egypt Moses was a prophet from the Old Testament that was chosen by God to lead Israel out of Egyptian slavery. Many remember the stories of Moses in Sunday school classes where they were taught about Moses as a baby, floating down a river in a basket to […]