Experience The Passion Play While Visiting The Holy Land

The Passion Play is a dramatic presentation depicting the trial and suffering of Christ Jesus that eventually led to his death. Held in Oberammergau, Germany where many travel to from Israel after guided tours through the Holy Land; it is an experience worthy of the trip.

What Is The Passion Play

Many have heard of ‘The Passion’ because of the movie that Mel Gibson created but there is a play that runs from May through October only every ten years, that is just as dramatically inspiring and bringing thousands to recognize the message of the crucifixion of Christ. The Passion ‘play’ depicts the trial, suffering and death of Jesus Christ and in the Catholic tradition, it is a part of lent and even in several other Christian denominations. The oldest of these plays was first presented around 1350-1381 by Canon Baldemar von Peterwell in Frankfort. This particular production required two days as it was profusely more elaborate than the modern day play we know today. Today the play runs approximately five to six hours with an intermission of three hours in between. A meal is traditionally prepared and served during this time and people from all over the world gather to view this play which is often a part of tour packages exploring the Holy Land of Israel.

Where Can You See It

The Passion Play can be seen in the small Bavarian town of Oberammergau, Germany where it is put on in an open air stage. This play is only put on every ten years and operates during the months of May through October. This year, in 2020, will be the 42nd production of The Passion Play. Many who come to see this play come after guided tours in Israel; flying from Tel Aviv to Munich, Germany and then onto Oberammergau. The guided tours in Israel will take you through varying areas of the Holy Land, many sites where Jesus and his disciples walked and lived, allowing you to get a birds eye view of these historic times. Touring the Holy Lands brings back to life what many have read about in Scriptures and reveals a tangible context of the stories they have heard from years past. Being able to explore these lands and then view the dramatic reenactment of the trial and sufferings of Jesus Christ places a perspective on one that can be life changing.

What A Tour Of The Holy Land Looks Like

A tour of the Holy Land can consist of visiting many different sites and stops but often times a tour is comprised of strategic sites and places that are known amongst most visitors. Places like the Sea of Galilee, Nazareth, Bethlehem, the Jordan River, the Dead Sea, Jerusalem and Golgotha are all places and sites popular among visitors. Many Christians  will also time their trip to experience Easter celebrations in Israel. Guided tours not only take you to these varying spots but speak of the rich history and culture of each site while still allowing for time in certain places for shopping and dining. Even baptisms are a part of some of the tours where visitors themselves can get baptized in the Jordan River! Though tours can be customized or added to, most tours provide an itinerary where travelers know what to expect upfront and can prepare accordingly.

Whatever your tour consists of, you are sure to be enamored by the beauty and culture of the Holy Lands and all it has to offer. From land to sea, to market places where one can dine or shop; the Holy Lands are an experience of a lifetime that no one should miss out on. If you are planning a tour, look into experiencing The Passion Play while visiting the Holy Land. You won’t be disappointed!