Returned from Israel, it was my dream of a lifetime

Returned from Israel, it was my dream of a lifetime and I was not disappointed. Our/your guide was Deema Clayman. She was amazing, so smart, knows the Bible better than I do, she was like a little mother to us an most of us have children older than she is. She was full of little side stories that made each place we visited more interesting and fun. Wonderful, wonderful, wonderful!!!

Tour of Israel

We returned yesterday and absolutely enjoyed everything about our trip with Friendship Tours in Israel. We felt safer there than we do most days in the U.S. Do not let media reports keep you from going to see for yourself the very places the Lord Jesus Christ lived and ministered. The historical information given by our wonderful guide and the excellent driving by Israel’s best driver made it the trip of a lifetime! Please contact Friendship tours and go, you’ll be glad you did.

by: Dan Carol Colley


Travel Post

We are now on the 4th day of our journey Where Jesus Walked and our whole team can’t stop talking about what a great job Raed is doing as our guide. Friendship tours has done such a great job and they have wonderful people who make taking care of you their top priority. Many people were told not to come to Israel because of exaggerated or hyped up news reports about random acts of violence in Israel or because of the terrible events in Paris before our trip. Our entire group of almost 30 people have all expressed to me how glad they are they came and how safe they have felt. This is my second trip to lead with Friendship and I will definitely be leading another group in the near future.

by: Doug McCary