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Historical Landmarks of Athens Greece You Must See

There is no doubt that there is much to see when visiting Greece. Whether your there to take in the beauty of its natural surroundings or looking to discover ancient historical structures and monuments, Greece will not leave you disappointed. Some of the most magnificent and picturesque views and sights are located in Greece. Here are some historical landmarks of Greece you must see if you plan to visit.

The Parthenon Temple

Built in the middle of the 5th century, the Parthenon Temple, was built with the goddess Athena in mind as she was considered a patron to the people of Athens. It’s main function was to shelter Athenas’ monument, made of gold and ivory. Becoming a symbol of wealth and power, the Parthenon was the most luxurious temple of the Greek mainland during its time and is recognized today as one of the most symbolic structures of ancient Greece history.

Cathedral Of Athens

One of the largest original monuments in Athens was the Cathedral of Athens, also known today as the Metropolis Cathedral of the Annunciation, Athens. It is the church of the Archbishopric of Athens and all of Greece that hosts everything from notable weddings and funerals to important ceremonies where political figureheads are present. Its beauty is exquisite both internally as it is externally, constructed from the materials of over seventy abandoned or ruined churches. The building was completed in 1862 after its groundbreaking on Christmas day in 1842.

Athens First Cemetery

Who wouldn’t want to visit an ancient cemetery. It gives a twist to the typical vacation plans. This cemetery will not disappoint as it is rumored that an old wreath bearer still roams its grounds. During the day you can admire its many sculptures and see the resting sites of revolutionary heroes, poets, actors and political figures of the past. Dare you go at night, you may have a different experience.

Temple of Olympian Zeus

The Temple of Olympian Zeus is a former colossal temple at the center of Athens. Dedicated to the god of that time, Zeus, it was built during the fifth century B.C. and is one of the largest ever to be built during ancient times. Only a few columns of the temple exist today but it is clear by its sheer size just how large this temple originally was.

Ancient Agora of Athens

The ancient Agora of Athens is the most well known ancient Greek agora. In Greek, the word agora means ‘marketplace’. It’s where people gathered and where people gather still to take in the ancient remnants of its time. Not much is left to give a visual of what this agora once was but when you learn the history behind this ancient agora it is worth every moment you have to take it in.

These are just some of the historical landmarks in Greece that will make your visit worthwhile. If you plan to visit Greece and all that it has to offer, it’s always a good idea to make sure there is enough time on your trip to take in all there is to see or plan for a second visit!