know before you book

some simple tips on tours and tour operator

Please read this carefully before you sign up with any tour company

• Several individuals pose to be “Tour Operators” with web sites advertising their tours. A number of these are companies that have other businesses on the side and come out of no where posing as reputable companies when business starts picking up. Be careful of these companies. There have been several pastor’s who have cheated by this sort of scam. Insist on references of group leaders who have travel with them recently and who have been long time clients. If the company cannot provide you with at least two references who have traveled with them repeatedly for over three years, this should be a red flag. You could be a target of a scam !

* Due to the recent travel agency commission cuts, a number of agents are posing as “Tour Operators” without proper licensing and insurance. Ask what sort of insurance they carry. Friendship Tours carries both, professional liability and errors and omissions insurance.

* If you choose to work with a Tour Operator overseas, you are at risk of being responsible for all the funds you collected on behalf of your group because there is no one in the United States your passengers can sue. The overseas company is not governed by U.S. laws. Further more, if ever you have to cancel the tour for “ANY” reason, it will be a nightmare trying to get your money back from the overseas company and you will have zero recourse.

* Friendship Tours is registered with the California Attorney General’s office and the Seller of Travel for the State of California. Each Tour Operator is very carefully scrutinized by this office before we receive a license to do business in the State of California. It also is a good idea to check with the Better Business Bureau.

* We at Friendship Tours care about your peace of mind. During your travel you will receive a list of after hour phone numbers that you can reach us 24 / 7 while you are on the road. We are one of the few companies that will call you while you are traveling, to ensure everything is going according to plan.

* Friendship Tours is a “Rock Solid” tour operation. Over the many years we have built strong, trustworthy relationships with our overseas partners. They are eager to please you and your group in any way they can. They are in constant contact with our office.

* We know that the roll of good guides is vital to running a successful pilgrimage. The Christian owners of Friendship tours are dedicated to employing guides with the highest level of integrity and scripture knowledge. We hand pick our tour guides in each country. They have worked with us for years and know their roll when it comes to working with a pastor on a successful pilgrimage.