The Luther Decade 2008 – 2017

 Why 10 years of commemoration for one man?


Few men or women can be truly described as having “changed the history of the world.” However, Martin Luther, born in 1483, is one of these rare people. An energetic and charismatic German, the Father of the Reformation stands shoulder to shoulder with the giants of history.

The effect of the Reformation was momentous. In fact, it was such an important part of world history that a one-year commemoration of the 500th anniversary is not enough.

That’s why we find ourselves in the midst of Luther Decade, the 10-year span from 2008 to 2017 that gives millions around the world time to explore the significance of the Reformation that was launched on October 31, 1517. On that day, Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the door of a church in Wittenberg.

That act was just the beginning of a movement that changed the world. In order to explore all of the complex layers of the Reformation each year of the Luther Decade will focus on a particular theme. These themes range from art to music and include special concerts and festivals, church services and exhibitions. As well as inspiring us to think about how Martin Luther and the Reformation changed us and the world, these themes give us pause to think about the future and offer fresh insights into Luther and the Reformation itself.

  •     2008: Opening of the Luther Decade
  •     2009: Reformation and Confession
  •     2010: Reformation and Education
  •     2011: Reformation and Freedom
  •     2012: Reformation and Music
  •     2013: Reformation and Tolerance
  •     2014: Reformation and Politics
  •     2015: Reformation – Visual Arts and the Bible
  •     2016: Reformation and the One World
  •     2017: Anniversary of the Reformation.

Between now and 2017, each year brings a new reason to visit Luther Country. Here, it is possible to actually walk in the footsteps of Martin Luther, see churches where he preached and enter houses where he lived.

Below are a list of tours we offer for the Luther Decade. Please contact us to receive a custom proposal.  We will also customize any itinerary of your choosing


Lutherland Tour – 8 Days

Steps of Martin Luther –  12 Days

Lutherland & Central Europe – 14 Days

France,  Germany & Switzerland – 12 Days

Eastern Europe &  Germany – 12 Days

European Church History Tour

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