Israel Tour – On the Ladder Of Faith


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Israel Tour – On The Ladder Of Faith
Beer Sheeva • Sea of Galilee • Dead Sea • Jerusalem


  • Fully Escorted in Israel
  • Roundtrip Airfare from New York
  • First Class Hotels
  • Full Israeli Buffet Breakfast and Dinner Daily
  • Deluxe Air-conditioned Motorcoaches
  • Enjoy nights in the desert wilderness.
  • Swim (float) in the Dead Sea.
  • Indepth experience of Jesus ministry in the Galilee.

There is no doubt that God sent Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Moses into the desert for a very special reason. Here in the desert the Lord taught the Patriarchs the fundamentals of belief, the basics of the importance of “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

We proceed from here to the Sea of Galilee where Jesus of Nazareth taught the words of God to his Disciples.

We complete our tour at the very pinnacle in Jerusalem, because from there went out the word of God to the whole world, as in the words of the prophets, “from Zion will come the Bible and from Jerusalem the word of God”.

This tour is offered only as a suggestion.
You may customize this itinerary and any other aspect of this tour.


Depart USA on our non-stop flight to Tel Aviv, Israel. This is the start of a “life changing” experience. Enjoy the on-board meals and entertainment.


Arrive at Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport and meet our guide who will welcome us to the Land of the Bible and escort us throughout our stay in Israel. Israeli guides are legendary for their knowledge and dedication. Ours will instruct us on the many sites we will visit and their relationship to the religion, history, archaeology, culture, and modern life in Israel. Proceed south to Beer Sheeva. Dinner & overnight in Beer Sheva


Today we start our journey by following in the footsteps Moses with the Children of Israel in the Negev. This morning we drive in the direction of Kadesh Barnea and stop at the place where the Edomites blocked the way of Moses on the way to the Promised Land (Numbers 20;14). Here Moses was forced to turn eastward into the Zin Desert. South of this place is the seat of the King of Arad (Exodus 21;1). We shall go on the journey of the Children of Israel along the Zin River. We shall visit Ein Avdat, in order to view the sources of the waters in the Desert. The water supply was one of the main problems that Moses encountered (Exodus 15;22). From the site of the grave of the First Prime Minister of Israel, Mr. David Ben Gurion, we shall view the Zin River where Moses walked with the Children of Israel. From the top of Mount Avnon we shall have a panoramic view of the big crater which is 14 km. long and 7 km. wide. We shall meet again with the Zin River on our descent from the Akrabim (Scorpion) Heights which is mentioned several times in the Bible with regard to the southern border of the Tribe of Judah and also because it is close to the Zin River. (Numbers 24;4) (Joshua 15;3) Overnight at Hotel in Ein Bokek at the Dead Sea.


In the morning we leave for Ein Gedi Nature Reserve where 3000 years ago David the youth hid from the wrath of King Saul.(Samuel A 24;1). We shall continue to Masada which was King Herod’s magnificent palace and fortress and where took place the last heroic Jewish stand against the Romans. We ascend by cable car and shall descend on foot through the ramp. We arrive at Nokdim Village in the desert, where we shall be hosted in a desert tent for a very large and rich meal as were the kings at the table of the Patriarch Abraham. (Genesis 18;1) Afterwards we discuss how the Lord turned the desert into a school for Abrahan, Isaac, Jacob and Moses. We return to the hotel in Ein Bokek. Time for a “Swim & Float” in the Dead Sea.

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We shall the day at Qumran on the shores of the Dead Sea and which is the site of the caves where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. We continue to the Monastery of St. George near the Keret River. Here the Prophet Elijah hid from King Ahab and Jezebel, (Kings A 17;5). We continue to “Katzar El Yahud” on the Jordan River. Here Joshua crossed the Jordan with the Children of Israel. (Joshua 3;1). Here the Prophet Elijah rose in a storm to Heaven (Kings B 2;7) and here also Jesus was baptized by John the Baptist (Matt.3;1). On our way to the Sea of Galilee we shall visit Beit Shean one of the Ten Roman Cities where Jesus taught and on the walls of which were hung the bodies of Saul and Jonathan (Samuel A 21;6). Overnight near the Sea of Galilee


Start the day from the top of the Arbel which is overlooks the settlement of Midgala. Here we have a panoramic view of all the north of the Galilee where Jesus taught his beliefs. Continue to the shores of Tabgha, not to the church, but to the place of the Miracle of the Loaves and Fishes. (John. 1;1). We shall go on to Capernaum the main center of Jesus’ teachings and where also there are the remains of a Synagogue from the 4th century, and Beit Saida, the third most mentioned place in the Gospels. We end the day, at the setting of the sun, with a Boat Ride on the Sea of Galilee. Overnight at the Sea of Galilee


We start the day at Tel Dan. Here we shall discuss how a place which began without the God of Israel ended in destruction (Judges 17;18) (Kings A 22;26) We shall continue to the Banias (Ceasarea of Philippi) Here Jesus was first recognized by his Disciples as the Messiah (Matt 16;13). Continue to the Golan Heights to understand its importance to the State of Israel. Overnight at the Sea of Galilee.

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Begin the day in the Biblical Garden of Kfar Kedem, in order to enjoy the way of life in biblical times. We shall dress ourselves in biblical clothes, ride on donkeys and shall work with the same tools used in the daily lives of our Fathers. We continue to see an Olive Press at Avtalyon which is located in the Lower Galilee in the region of the Tribe of Asher. The Tribe of Asher was blessed by Jacob and Moses as the Tribe of Olive Oil. (Genesis 49;20) (Deuteronomy 33;16). In this place lives a family which never ever left the Land of Israel, and still produces the virgin oil which was used for anointing kings and for the seven branched candelabra in the Temple. In the afternoon we learn about the history and geography of the battles of Gideon (Judges 1;1) and Deborah (Judges 7;1) Overnight at the Sea of Galilee


We begin the day on the Carmel Mount where the Prophet Elijah fought with the Prophets of Baal. (Kings A 19;1). From there we shall drive to Even Haezer and Afek, where the Holy Covenant fell into the hands of the Philistines, (Samuel A 4;1), and, also where the Philistines collected for the war against Saul (Samuel A 29;1). We shall visit Emmaus, the place where Jesus escorted the two youths who had arisen from the dead. (Luke 24;13) Overnight in Jerusalem


We ascend the Mount of Olives where we have a breathtaking view of the city of Jerusalem. We then descend the Mount to Gethsemane through the Southern Park to Ir David (The City of David). We shall stand next to the House of the Authors of the Kings of Judah, where the may be found the clay stamps of Gemaryahu Ben Shafan (Jer. 25;10). We continue to the tunnel which leads to a Spring through which we reach the Room of Joav Ben Zuriah to the City (Sam. B 5;1). We arrive at the Siloam Pool which has only recently been discovered. Here Jesus healed the blind man (John 9;1). We visit the Room of the last Supper and then on to the Garden Tomb.


We visit the Temple Mount and the Western Wall. At the Ophel we stand on the steps which lead the crowd into the area of the Temple Mount. On these steps Jesus certainly stood as a child when visiting the Temple. We drive to the mountains of Jerusalem to learn about how farming was done in biblical times. (Josh. 5;1) and the creation of Springs found in the mountains ( Song of Songs 7;12) Overnight in Jerusalem


Today we transfer to the airport. Our guide will assist us with check-in procedures. Depart on our flight home. We arrive home today with wonderful memories of a visit to the Land of the Bible!

We can customize any itinerary of your choosing for groups of 20 or more.

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