Turkey & Greece In The Footsteps Of St.Paul

Turkey & Greece in the Footsteps of St.Paul
Istanbul • Ephesus •Pergamon • Thessaloniki • Philippi • Corinth


  • Roundtrip Airfare from New York
  • First Class Hotels
  • Breakfast and Dinner Daily
  • Deluxe Air-conditioned Motorcoaches
  • Visits to the Sites of Apostle Paul
  • Cruise three days in the Greek Isles
  • See the Well-Preserved Site of Ephessus
  • See sites of the Seven Churches of Revelations
  • Explore Enchanting Istanbul and Much More
This tour is offered only as a suggestion. You may customize this itinerary and any other aspect of this tour.


Depart from USA on our flight to Istanbul, Turkey. Meals and overnight on board. After dinner relax and enjoy the on-board entertainment.


Upon arrival in Istanbul, we will be met and transferred to our hotel. On our way there will be a short panoramic tour of the city.


After breakfast we will leave our hotel for a full day sightseeing tour. We will first visit the St. Savior-in-Chora Church, now known as the Kariye Museum. Continue on to the Hippodrome, the former centre of sportive and political activities of Constantinople. We will then visit the legendary Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque). Later visit the Sophia Church. The remaining of the day will be free at leisure to enjoy shopping at the Grand Covered Bazaar

Friendship Tours - blue Mosque OF ISTANBUL

DAY 4 — ISTANBUL/Izmir/Sardis/Philadelphia/Laodicea/PAMUKKALE

Transfer to the airport where will take the first flight of the day to
Izmir. Upon arrival in Izmir we will start driving East towards Pamukkale.
Our first stop will be at Salihli, ancient Sardis, capital of the ancient
Kingdom of Lydia. From here we will continue on to Alasehir, ancient
Philadelphia, the first of the Seven Churches. Visit Laodicea, a vast Roman
colony, which stood at the junction of two important main roads which then
prospered from trade and banking. Laodicea was one of the Seven Churches
addressed by John in the Revelation.

DAY 5— PAMUKKALE/Hierapolis/Colossae/Miletus/KUSADASI 

Today we visit Pamukkale and the ruins of Hierapolis, which is located right
over the travertine terraces, and which was a fashionable spa centre in
Roman times. From here we drive East to Colossae, the city to which Paul
wrote his letter from Ephesus or Rome, and from which we learn the
Colossians, the inhabitants of this city, learned about the grace of God
from his disciple, Epaphras. Visit Miletus, which in ancient times was a
port situated at the mouth of the Meander River. St. Paul visited Miletus in
spring – possibly in AD 47. We finish our day by driving to Kusadasi, a
well-inhabited touristic port town on the Aegean where we will be spending
the night.


Visit Ephesus, which began as a port on the mouth of the Cayster River. It
became one of the leading cities of the world, linking the western end of
trade routes in Anatolia with the rest of the Mediterranean. Paul preached
and taught in Ephesus for over two years. He had to leave Ephesus following
the famous riot agitated by the Silversmith Demetrius who was concerned that
the advent of the new religion would hurt his trade of selling silver
statues of Artemis. Some authorities believe that following the riot, St.
Paul was imprisoned in the so-called “Prison of St Paul” in Ephesus. You
will visit Ephesus archaeological site where you will see the great theatre,
Celsius library and the fabulous Curetes Street. We will also visit the
Basilica of St. John and the Temple of Artemis, and continue on to Izmir,
ancient Smyrna, to which John wrote one of his letters. In Izmir we have a
brief tour of the city including a visit to the Church of St. Polycarp,
which the original building of which was founded as a gift by the stern
French Cardinal Richelieu in 1625.

DAY 7— IZMIR/Thyatira/Pergamon/CANAKKALE

After breakfast we will leave for Thyatira, which is one of the Seven
Churches mentioned in the Book of Revelation.
Later proceed to Pergamon, modern Bergama. Pergamon was the site of one of
the Seven Churches, which John addresses in the Revelation. See the famous
Altar of Zeus, Trajan’s Temple, the Temple of Isis and Serapis and the
Temple of Athena were located here. The city boasted an outstanding library
that rivalled that of Alexandria in importance and a famous school of
sculpture. We will visit the Acropolis where there is a great Hellenistic
theatre and Trajan’s Temple. Also we will visit Asclepion, which was a
sanctuary and a healing centre built in the name of the god of healing,
Asclepius. After visiting the Homonym Church, which is also known as the
Basilica of St. John, we drive North to Canakkale. Overnight in Canakkale.


Arrive in Rhodes early this morning. Leaving the harbor, (optional) we will drive along the picturesque eastern coastline, scattered with white-washed villages, to Lindos, which is guarded by huge medieval walls constructed by the Knights of St. John in the 13th Century. Within, stands the ancient Acropolis of Lindos on the brink of a precipice 400 feet above the sea. From the Acropolis there are breathtaking views of the great expanse of the Aegean Sea and St. Paul’s Bay where the Apostle cast anchor during his historic voyage to Ephesus. We will proceed up the Great Staircase leading from the Hellenistic portico to the Temple of Athena — among the most important temples of the Ancient Greek World. After having visited the Acropolis, return to Rhodes city. Enjoy a panoramic drive in the new part of the city, stop for a view of the walled old town from Mt. Smith and then see the ruins of ancient Rhodes town, the Temple of Apollo and Diagoras Stadium. The return is directly to the port and the ship for lunch. Overnight on board our cruise ship..

Friendship Tours - The Parthenon in Athens


“And from there we went to Philippi which is the leading city of the
district of Macedonia…” (Acts16: 12-18.) Our full day excursion will take
us overland along the ancient route of Paul through mountain passes and
plains to Amphipolis for a short stop to view the ancient Lion statue.
Continue to Ancient Philippi where we find two early Christian basilicas,
traces of the Egnatian Way, the Roman Forum, the citadel and the ancient
theater. It is also here that Paul first preached the Gospel to Europe.
Dinner and overnight in Thessaloniki


This morning we transfer to the airport for a flight to Athens. Arrive
Athens and proceed on a cty tour. Return to Athens for a tour of the city,
visiting the legendary Acropolis. See the chief jewel of the Acropolis, the
Parthenon, the Temple of Wingless Victory, the Propylaea and the Erechtheum
with its peerless Porch of Maidens. Beneath the Acropolis is the Areopagus
or Mars Hill. This is where Paul made his famous ‘MEN OF ATHENS’ speech
revealing a considerable knowledge of the Greek philosophy and character.
Driving through the city you will see the National Library, the Presidential
Palace, the Stadium, the Temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Arch and House of
Parliament. Dinner and overnight in Athens.


Morning drive to Ancient Corinth, which was the most beautiful city of Roman
Greece. Visit the Doric style temple of Apollo, the market place, the
fountain of Pirene, the Bema of Paul and the Agora, where Paul preached. We
will also see Acrocorinth and Kehrees. Continue to Mycenae and the “Beehive
Tombs”, including the Tomb of Agamemnon. Drive to Epidaurus and visit the
musuem and amphitheater. Seating 14,000 this remarkable theater has perfect
acoustics and every word said on the stage can be heard in the last of the
55 tiers. Dinner and overnight in Athens.


This morning we transfer to the airport for our flight home. We arrive home
today with wonderful memories of a fantastic voyage!

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Paul's Journeys -- Turkey & Greece Part 1

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