Friendship Tours - Capernaumon-the-Sea-of-Galilee

Take a Biblical tour through Capernaum where Jesus performed many of His miracles

Capernaum is set beside the Sea of Galilee in the beautiful region of Northern Israel. In Biblical times Capernaum was one of the main trading villages in the Gennesaret area. It was a vibrant, populated and prosperous part of Palestine inhabited by about 1,500 people, many of whom were fishermen. Many travelers, caravans and traders passed through Capernaum on the Via Maris, the Way of the Sea, a primary trading route. It is here in Capernaum, that Jesus met five of his future disciples; Andrew, Peter, James, John and Matthew.


Around the time of the Galilean Ministry years is when Jesus performed many of his miracles.The paralytic man that Jesus healed is a familiar story to many of a man who was lifted down through a roof in the midst of a crowd and healed as Jesus recognized their faith. The demon possessed man who was freed and Peter’s mother in law who was healed from sickness, both found in Luke chapter 4, are among some of the other stories that we read concerning Jesus miracles.


It is in Capernaum where many believe to be the place Jesus fulfilled Messianic prophecy (Isaiah 53:4) (Matthew 8:17). From healing the sick and diseased, to raising the dead and healing the blind you will find scripture upon scripture throughout the gospels referencing Capernaum, which is mentioned sixteen times within the gospels. A place known as Jesus own city,  it is also where Jesus spent much of his time sharing sermons, one in particular known as the ‘Bread of Life’ which was spoken inside the walls of this ancient synagogue.


What was once the home and ministry place of Jesus after leaving Nazareth, is now an archeological site where tourists can visit and learn of its rich history. Capernaum has been through many renovations since its first establishment. What is left today is only one third of its original size. Capernaum is one of Israel’s most sacred Christian pilgrimage sites where believers can sit on the stone benches in the ancient synagogue that Jesus would have sat and walk the streets he would have walked. This old city is a must see visit throughout your bible land tour. 

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