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The Dangers of Using an Overseas Travel Company

How often have you heard friends and colleagues share details of their “vacation from hell?” Travel agent flight scams with fake tickets, tickets with completely different schedules with very long layovers. Tour company “bait and switch” tactics with completely different hotels, sightseeing programs, and inferior bus transportation from what was originally promised. Payment scams – you arrive there and the local travel agent demands more money after receiving the agreed funds or claiming no knowledge of receipt of payment. These disastrous experiences that can ruin your expensive vacation can be avoided by choosing a reputable tour company and by avoiding overseas travel companies.

The Risks of Using an Overseas Travel Company

Don’t fall into the trap of working with an overseas travel company! This is usually the culprit of many of the horror stories. Choosing to work with an overseas company, a guide, or an individual with connections in the country you plan to visit is risky. You are essentially giving up all your legal rights! If anything goes wrong, or you do not receive what’s promised, good luck trying to demand a refund via small claims or through entities like the Better Business Bureau. Taking legal action in another country will cost a small fortune. Overseas companies are not governed by the very strict U.S laws for doing business.

Overseas travel companies will try to sell you on lower prices, better services, flexibility etc etc. Do not fall for it! Most countries do not have a set of guidelines or regulations to follow like we have here in the U.S. and so there are no guarantees on what they are promising.

Tour companies in the U.S. are required to post substantial dollar amounts in bonds as financial security. We have trade licenses that are renewed each year after careful evaluation of the overall health of the business. This is not the case for most overseas companies.

Not knowing the local government regulations or visa requirements can lead to a number of disasters on your trip. Most Overseas companies do not go the extra mile to protect you in these situations. Stories of travelers renting a taxi, driving for hours and getting turned away at the border for not having the required visa are all too common. These situations can be avoided with the help of a reputable U.S. based tour company.

The Benefits of Choosing a Reputable U.S. Based Tour Company

Located in California, Friendship Tours has been offering its services to travelers since 1981. We have thousands of very happy clients and group organizers who have trusted us for decades with the most complex itineraries for groups of 20 to 2000 passengers. We are the experts! We are familiar with local government regulations and visa requirements. Additionally, Friendship Tours carries millions of dollars in liability insurance that protects the traveler, the organizer, and the church that plans the tour. Working with a company like Friendship Tours offers you financial peace of mind.

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