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Tips For Doing A Family Bible Study From Home

Now that almost everyone is home with their families because of Covid-19, many are taking the time to be intentional with their relationships. Outside of taking care of the daily responsibilities of work and online schooling, families are spending more quality time with their loved ones. One way of doing this is gathering together as a family and doing bible studies in their home. Since going to church is not an option currently, families are watching online church services and spending more time studying the word of God. How each family member does this is unique to the individual family but here are some tips for doing a family Bible study from home.

Go Into It With Purpose

Purpose is key in everything we do. Our purpose as Christians is God’s will and design for our lives. To be productive, fruitful and thriving, it’s important that we walk with purpose and that goes for every area of life and in everything that we do. Coming together as a family unit to study the Bible and its truths allows for us to engage in powerful moments as a family. We want to be intentional and purposeful with how we engage so knowing our families dynamics will help us to strategize a plan that will fit our families personalities, needs and desires with intention and purpose.

The main objective is to grow in our relationship with Jesus but how we go about that will look different from one individual or family to the next. Before sitting down for a Bible study with your family ask them some questions. Find out what they want to learn or questions they have of their own. See what interests them. This will help you decide where to start. Incorporate a time of reading, discussion, worship and prayer with a start and end time so everyone knows what to expect. There isn’t one rule of thumb on the order of how you do things but because everyone experiences the Holy Spirit differently, it’s important that this time offers a variety of ways to engage in God’s presence. Having a course of action that is tailored for your family will allow for this time to be interactive, relational and productive.

Be Creative And Have Fun

Let’s face it. Our kids don’t always want to sit down and do Bible studies as a family. It’s common for children of all ages to look at this time as ‘boring’ or a time where they express they would rather be doing something else, but as parents we see the bigger picture of what this time holds for their personal growth and relationship with Jesus which is why creativity may be necessary in order to get our kids involved. When we sit down with our family and ask them what they would like to learn we may also want to ask what ideas they have to ensure this time together as a family is fun for them. Incorporating their ideas will cause them to naturally engage versus them feeling like they are forced to.

Depending on your family unit, creativity will vary. If you have very small children then incorporating games, music, drawing or coloring may be necessary to keep them engaged. Young children often learn best through forms of music and games that incorporate memorization skills. Family units that have large age gaps between children may need to incorporate these ideas while engaging older kids in discussion times. Younger kids can work on coloring pages or drawings that have to do with the central theme while the adults and older children have deeper discussion. Even playing games like Bible trivia can be incorporated with older ages, providing a relaxed and fun atmosphere that they are more likely to engage with.

Don’t Be Rigid!

However you go about starting your family Bible study from home, be sure that as you start to settle into a routine that you change things up along the way. It’s helpful to have an expectation of what this time will look like but sometimes routine can cause us to lose interest which is why changing things up can prove to be beneficial. Point being….don’t be rigid! God does not live in a box and neither should we. There’s freedom in Christ which enables us as followers of Christ to move freely in our relationship with Him. As we seek to deepen our relationships we must be willing to try new things.

God has so much for us that He wants us to discover and being able to experience those new found discoveries with our family is certainly special. Ultimately it is God’s plan that prevails so while we go into things with our own plans it’s important that we always leave room for flexibility and change. As we spend time together as a family during these unprecedented times we have an opportunity to go deeper into our relationships with each other and with God. Choosing to allow God to direct our paths along the way is essential in discovering what it is that He is saying and leading us to. We can read the Bible front to back a hundred times but without God’s direction we will most likely not hear His truths the way He intends us to, so creating routines that provide space for the Holy Spirit to move is key as we do Bible studies from home with our families.

God’s Agenda

God’s agenda is always to bring His kingdom here on earth. As we press into our relationship with Him both intimately and as a family unit we will find that how God moves in our lives is never just for us but for others as well. The graceful work He does in our hearts is always with the intention that we would be able to take the same love that Jesus pours out on us and pour it out to others. Our lives are meant to be an example of Christ-particularly His love which supersedes all human understanding. As we spend time doing Bible studies from home with our families lets always remember to place God’s agenda as the priority. It’s not just about our growth and blessing but how those things can bless others and help them to grow in their walks with the Lord too.

This is a very interesting time in which we live. We will find that even though we are home more and have less distracting us in life, we can always find things to keep ourselves busy. However, the hope is that this time can be productive as we take advantage of opportunities like we never have before; specifically in our relationships. There will come a day when we are able to go back to work, school, the gym, sports, events, etc but will we enter back into those things with thriving, healthy relationships or will we enter the future with what we had before which left us feeling unfulfilled, lost, alone, disconnected and possibly broken. We often feel like we don’t have enough time in our days to pour into what’s most important to us and now we find ourselves with that opportunity. An opportunity that will not go on forever. Taking the time that we now have to feed our relationships is vital. Whatever the future may be, a fruitful and thriving future is what we all long for.