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Walking on Biblical Grounds Strengthened This Pastors Faith and Confirmed the Realness of Who Jesus Is

Pastor Andrew has been able to take many tours to Israel of which seven have been with Friendship Tours.

In his earlier years, Pastor Andrew was able to travel to Israel with a group of students and school facility members in 2009. This particular trip deepened his understanding of scripture by providing visual realities of the bible for the first time of which in turn brought God’s word to life. Being able to walk the actual grounds of biblical history strengthened and broadened Andrew’s faith and confirmed the realness of who Jesus is. As much as it was a powerful individual experience it was equally powerful to experience as a group. One memorable account was a prayer time in the Garden of Gethsemane as a group which he stated was an amazing and humbling experience that he will not forget.

After having visited Israel a few times since his college days, Pastor Andrew is well versed in what it’s like to go on a tour to Israel. On his tours he has been able to visit Mt. Nebo, Petra, Nazareth, Mt. Caramel, Magdala, Jerusalem, Bethlehem and that’s just to name a few. On top of sightseeing various places in Israel he has been able to take an authentic boat ride on the Sea of Galilee and witness baptisms in the Jordan River. Some of his notable favorites were the two tunnels in the City of David which consisted of one dry and one water passage known as Hezekiah’s tunnel. Other highlights were the Valley of Elah where the battle of David and Golith took place and the significant Garden Tomb.

Pastor Andrew expressed in his interview how he has always been intrigued with scripture, its roots and foundations in Israel and how he has always desired to learn more about its history, geography and architecture. Experiencing Israel for himself not only brought passages that he had read many times to life but it gave him greater context into what scripture was speaking as well as connecting dots in areas that he had not connected before. This of course impacted his preaching only for the better as he has since been able to share in greater depth more knowledge of God’s word and imagery that he can impart onto his congregation.

After hearing of his experiences it’s no wonder that Pastor Andrew continues to visit Israel through Friendship Tours of which he has been enjoying with groups from his congregation for years. Having experienced what he did in college he knew that he wanted to give others the same opportunities to experience what he had and without a shadow of a doubt knows that anyone who visits will be greatly impacted. Traveling with Friendship Tours has been a quality experience that he would recommend to anyone as he testifies of their impeccable customer service and communication, knowledgeable and personable staff and unmatched quality for the price.

Not only is Israel a place where you can continue to glean spiritually from the Holy Land but experiencing the culture of Israel is one that you will never forget as there is so much beauty to be seen and learned from through its people, villages and even the food! Of course, the tours themselves place you in top notch hotels where much of the food is provided through your package in buffet style sittings but there are plenty of times where you can visit the local areas for sightseeing and food.

For those who are thinking of visiting Israel in the future we asked Pastor Andrew for some tips on travel. Some of these included bringing good walking shoes as there will be lots of walking!, focus on being present along the tour versus just going through it as a checklist, prepare for different types of weather as each place has its individual climate, come hungry and open to experience God and what he may be working in your life and know that you are in good hands as Friendships Tours takes great care of their patrons and ensures that the areas they visit are safe.

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